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Drawings are starting points to successful projects; the investment is small, yet the benefits are great. Drawings generate conversation, relate ideas, help make meetings productive and generate excitement. Most importantly they unify the client, designer and project manager into a team.   Once we get a conceptual direction we will start to develop CAD/shop drawings.  These drawings are more technical, and are needed for the architect, engineer, contractor and builder.



Translating drawings, being sensitive to design direction and complying with building codes within a time frame is very difficult.  Our experience and resources are a key benefit to the architects, designers and owners who work with us.  Our other specialty, which separates us from the pack, is the array of finishes that we offer.



Finish is the process used to complete the product in its final form.  It may require a durable paint or a high polish. We continually invest our time into patina workshops and cutting edge paint systems for weather durability. Samples are always provided for client approval.



Installation is the delivery and assembly of a project in the field.  The product is permanently attached or placed in the planned area it was designed for. Rental equipment may be required and is factored into the project.



Each of our projects are unique.  After installation of projects we will follow up on customer satisfaction and touch up maintenance.  Additional maintenance may be needed over longer periods of time.  Natural residues and oxidation may require maintenance as well. Like all investments, we highly recommend a preventive maintenance plan to insure you realize the greatest long-term value.